How to import Word 2003 Autotext to Word 2010

This is one of the issues that keeps cropping up every time the user has his computer replaced. Many of those users would to some extent use the Autotext feature of Microsoft Word 2003. There are many post about the procedure involved, but must of them felt like too much trouble for nothing. After some search and more trial and … Continue reading

How to import PST files to Exchange 2010

In the days of Exchange 2003 one of the tools used to import/export mailboxes was Microsoft’s Exmerge. With the more recent Exchange 2007/2010 Microsoft provided a powerful administration tool in the form of Exchange Management Shell. This can be easily used to import PST files to Exchange 2010 mailboxes. Before starting with the process itself the PST files have to … Continue reading

Copying incoming/outgoing emails on Exchange 2007/2010 to another mailbox

Sometimes we come across situations where the client requires to see the emails sent and received by the employees. In most of these case providing access to the other users mailbox is is the easiest way. But there are situations where this solution does not fulfill the client’s expectations. It might be awkward to have a larger number of additional … Continue reading

How to add 32-bit fax driver to 64-bit Windows Server 2008

There are many ways in which Microsoft makes the life of Windows Server administrators easier. You all all sorts of wizards, tools, procedures, etc. Than you have a small group of tasks that are nothing short of a nightmare. One of these is sharing a Fax on a 64 bit Windows Server 2008 (R2) and adding a 32-bit driver for … Continue reading