Create bootable USB drive to install latest Microsoft Windows systems

I was looking for a quick guide on how to install Windows server 2012 from a USB stick. I came across Lai Yoong Seng’s post Install Windows Server 2012 RC Using USB device. His blog post pointed me to a very simple and useful tool from Microsoft – Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool. Lai has a very nice guide on the use of … Continue reading

Email discovery with Exchange 2010

In march 2012 i posted an article about Copying incoming/outgoing emails on Exchange 2007/2010 to another mailbox. This article is a sort of follow up on the original article. Both articles bear the common theme of email discovery. In the original article this was achieved by copying all/selected incoming and outgoing emails to a selected mailbox. This mailbox than could … Continue reading

SBS 2011 Essentials Office 365 Integration Add-In

With Microsoft pushing for clients to move some of their services to the cloud, they at least release tools that can help integrate these to on-premise IT systems. One of their SBS 2011 editions – SBS 2011 essentials doesn’t come with Exchange 2010. But now you can use Microsoft’s Office 365 integration tool to manage the Office 365 account from … Continue reading