Wireless Network “Off” on Sony Vaio Laptop after upgrade to Windows 8

Whilst playing with the new Windows 8 – see my article “My Experience installing Windows 8“- i attempted to install it on an older Sony Vaio laptop. Initially all looked well, even the activation was not a problem (in contrary to Win 7 upgrades). But than i cam across a very interesting problem – the wireless didn’t work. I checked … Continue reading

My experience installing Windows 8 using upgrade media

A few weeks back when Microsoft announced the promotion to register for early Windows 8 upgrades, i took the opportunity and registered. A few days back, on the days of official Windows 8 release, i received an email with the promotion code and went ahead and purchased the upgrade. I was initially hesitant to upgrade my laptop, as i planed … Continue reading

How to limit SQL Server 2005/2008 memory usage

In today’s article we’ll look at additional steps that we can take in order to manage resources on Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008/2011. I will be looking at managing memory usage of SQL server. These tips can be applied on other standard Windows Servers as well, but SBS is more prone to memory usage issues, since it usually has … Continue reading