Wireless Network “Off” on Sony Vaio Laptop after upgrade to Windows 8

Whilst playing with the new Windows 8 – see my article “My Experience installing Windows 8“- i attempted to install it on an older Sony Vaio laptop.

Initially all looked well, even the activation was not a problem (in contrary to Win 7 upgrades). But than i cam across a very interesting problem – the wireless didn’t work. I checked the Device Manager, but the driver seemed to be installed fine. Only when i went to network settings, it simply said wireless off. Since Sony has a HW switch for wireless, i tried to turn it off and on, but with no positive result.¬†As i was playing with the wireless switch, it dawned on me that before i started the upgrade, i turned off the WiFi using Sony’s quick wireless switch utility. So i went back, restored the Windows 7 system and ¬†turned the WiFi back on before initiating the upgrade. This time i tried to go for an upgrade from a running system. To my delight this time the wireless worked first time.

Encouraged with this result, i restored the backup again and tried to do a clean install from the USB thumb drive i created previously. Confirming the previous findings, the wireless remained fully functional.

If you had any similar or other interesting experience while upgrading to Windows 8, you can discuss in This Forum Post.


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