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  • Lenovo Helix, ultimate Windows 8 device? First impressions

    I have been using Windows 8 on my ageing laptop and home workstation as well. There are many nay-sayers out there, but my personal opinion is that Microsoft has finally made something that is new inside out, looks great and works great. Despite not having touch on either of my current computers, i have to […]?

  • Pricing consideration on Exchange on-premise – v – Office 365

    Since Microsoft has decided to annoy all small business IT admins by discontinuing the Windows Small Business Server (SBS) product line, it’s time to look in to what to replace the good old SBS with. To be more precise, what form of messaging system to use. There might be some who might replace Exchange with […]?

  • Windows Server 2012 Deep Dive – Day 2

      The 2nd day of this Microsoft session was a bit on a “heavier” side of things, but still a lot of interesting information. ┬áHere’s the tidbits from today’s session. NIC Teaming I already looked in to Creating NIC teams using Powershell. The first information is more of a trick of the trade – to […]?


    Just a few days back it has been a year since i posted my first article on my blog. It has been a great journey, a great way to learn new things. And from the looks of it, it wasn’t just for my own pleasure. As some of the comments in these articles would suggest, […]?