How i virtualized my physical Windows Home Server 2011

The more i was working with Microsoft’s latest Windows Server incarnation, the more i was thinking about using the free Hyper-V Server 2012 to virtualize my Windows Home Server 2011. One of the main reason was the use of Storage Spaces, which was allegedly done by the same guy who did the Drive Extender in the previous version of WHS. … Continue reading

Installation of Windows Home Server 2011 Connector Fails

I came across a problem recently on my home network. A needed to reconnect a PC (Windows XP) back to a Windows Home Server 2011. I uninstalled the WHS2011 Connector, but when i tried to re-install it, i got the usual (and very generic) message WHS2011 Connector installation  has encountered an error . . . I started to look around, … Continue reading