Pricing consideration on Exchange on-premise – v – Office 365

Since Microsoft has decided to annoy all small business IT admins by discontinuing the Windows Small Business Server (SBS) product line, it’s time to look in to what to replace the good old SBS with. To be more precise, what form of messaging system to use. There might be some who might replace Exchange with other 3rd party solutions (non-exchange) … Continue reading

Office 2013 installation gets stuck

Came across this recently the first time – had to setup a bunch of computers, includes the latest and greatest Microsoft Office 2013. All went fine up to a certain point, when the installation seemed to got stuck. First i though “Maybe i should have waited with Windows Update until the Office installation is finished”. So i left it at … Continue reading

Hide a User from the Shared Address Book in Office 365

Following my previous article Using Microsoft PowerShell to provide Office365 full mailbox permission, this article is an extension to it. This time we need to hide user’s address from the shared address book in the Office 365 system. As before, there’s no way to do this on the portal, and the only option is using the Powershell. To connect the Powershell … Continue reading

Configuring enforced Outboud TLS policy on Exchange Online / Office 365

There might be times when you need to enforce certain policies in your email communication. For example you might be dealing with a customer/partner that requires enforced TLS communication between your mail servers. The aim if this article is to provide you guidance how you can set up this kind of policies on Microsoft’s Hosted Exchange / Office 365. To … Continue reading