Office 2013 installation gets stuck

Came across this recently the first time – had to setup a bunch of computers, includes the latest and greatest Microsoft Office 2013. All went fine up to a certain point, when the installation seemed to got stuck.

First i though “Maybe i should have waited with Windows Update until the Office installation is finished”. So i left it at it for a while since i had other stuff to do. When i got back to the computer, the installer seemed to have finished, so i tried to open MS Word and to my big surprise it came back with the “Wait while we are wrapping up” message again. I waited another few minutes, but it didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. After my patience ran out, i turned to good old reliable Google, and after a quick search it brough some results. ¬†Found this Microsoft KB Article:¬†Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365 hangs during setup.

So apparently i’m not the first one to experience this.But lesson learned, and for future when installing MS Office 2013, i pro-actively stop the print spooler service before the installation to avoid any hassle.

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