Category: Microsoft Office

  • Office 2013 installation gets stuck

    Came across this recently the first time – had to setup a bunch of computers, includes the latest and greatest Microsoft Office 2013. All went fine up to a certain point, when the installation seemed to got stuck. First i though “Maybe i should have waited with Windows Update until the Office installation is finished”. […]?

  • Failing installation of Microsoft Office 365 / Office 2013

    There has been a lot of talk about the new Microsoft Office 2013/365 offering from Microsoft. Many arguments have been written and said for and against Microsoft’s different Office options and pricing. Surely each side might be right in some views, but today’s article goes beyond talking straight to reality. First of all, i admit […]?

  • Fixing Autocomplete issue in Outlook 2010

    In most cases importing the Autocomplete addresses in Outlook 2010 is a fairly straightforward affair. But there’s always that one odd case of a really  stubborn autocomplete file. All the standard procedures failed, but after some research and trial, the following procedure worked a treat: 1. Delete the cache as per the MS KB instructions […]?

  • How to import Word 2003 Autotext to Word 2010

    This is one of the issues that keeps cropping up every time the user has his computer replaced. Many of those users would to some extent use the Autotext feature of Microsoft Word 2003. There are many post about the procedure involved, but must of them felt like too much trouble for nothing. After some […]?