Configuring enforced Outboud TLS policy on Exchange Online / Office 365

There might be times when you need to enforce certain policies in your email communication. For example you might be dealing with a customer/partner that requires enforced TLS communication between your mail servers. The aim if this article is to provide you guidance how you can set up this kind of policies on Microsoft’s Hosted Exchange / Office 365. To … Continue reading

Configuring CRM 2011 Internet Facing Deployment (IFD)

Recently we faced the big challenge of upgrading a CRM 4.0 system to CRM 2011. While setting up CRM 2011 and especially the IFD part of it, despite installing it first in test environment, the live deployment still haven’t gone as smooth as we hoped for. There are many guides on the internet, the best one probaly Interactiveweb’s Microsoft CRM 2011 … Continue reading