Windows Server 2012 Failover Cluster network configuration powershell script

I have been trying to setup a lab configuration to test Failover cluster in Windows Server 2012 R2. In this process i was trying to follow the best practices available on various posts, while trying to achieve the minimum configuration to be able to test this and other features of Microsoft’s latest server incarnation. Continue reading

Windows Server 2012 Deep Dive – Day 1

Today was the day 1 of Microsoft’s 2 day session on Windows Server 2012 called Windows Server 2012 Deep dive. The day started with a general summary by Dave Northey (@ieitpro), followed by (my favourite) session on storage, presented by Aidan Finn (@joe_elway). After lunch John Mc Cabe (@mccabej) ran through improvements in Server 2012 networking, and the day concluded … Continue reading

How to create NIC teams and configure networking on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V using Powershell

One of the new features in Windows Server 2012 is the simplified creation of NIC teams. This has been possible to do before, but it required support from the NIC supplier to do this. In its latest server incarnation, Microsoft made it really easy to do. And as always, there are ways to do this. But the idea to have … Continue reading

Hide a User from the Shared Address Book in Office 365

Following my previous article Using Microsoft PowerShell to provide Office365 full mailbox permission, this article is an extension to it. This time we need to hide user’s address from the shared address book in the Office 365 system. As before, there’s no way to do this on the portal, and the only option is using the Powershell. To connect the Powershell … Continue reading