Fixing Autocomplete issue in Outlook 2010

In most cases importing the Autocomplete addresses in Outlook 2010 is a fairly straightforward affair. But there’s always that one odd case of a really  stubborn autocomplete file. All the standard procedures failed, but after some research and trial, the following procedure worked a treat:

1. Delete the cache as per the MS KB instructions –
2. Go to the location and move the stream_autocomplete files out of the folder to a different (backup) folder.
3. Re-open Outlook and Send a test email, close Outlook
4. Go back to Roam Cache folder and refresh, verify the folder has created another autostream file and it has a value greater than 0kB.
5. Create a new email: Go to users “Suggested Contacts” highlight all and add them to the email.
6. Have the user disable all of their network connections to put Outlook offline:
7. Have user click send, the message will go to the outbox. Close Outlook – The cache file isnt updated until Outlook closes.
8. Reopen Outlook, have user go to outbox and delete email.
9. Create a new email and verify autocomplete now works (it should)
10 Have user re-enable network connections (plugin, or wireless)

Hope this procedure will help you to resolve your issue.

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