Just a few days back it has been a year since i posted my first article on my blog.

It has been a great journey, a great way to learn new things. And from the looks of it, it wasn’t just for my own pleasure. As some of the comments in these articles would suggest, some of them were actually really helpful to others as well. The three of the most commented articles were “How to disable SBS 2003 to 2008/2011 migration grace time period expiration” (12 comments to date), “Wireless Network “Off” on Sony Vaio Laptop after upgrade to Windows 8” (10 comments to date) and “How to reset the domain administrator password on Windows Server 2008” (7 comments to date).

So i’d like to say thank you to all the visitors of my blog, hope i can provide many more useful articles in the future as well.

And for those who like some nice charts, here’s a few interesting stats about my blog from the first 12 months of my blog.

1. Top posts: with a huge margin the winner is the post  “How to limit Exchange 2010 memory usage“, followed by the article “How to disable SBS 2003 to 2008/2011 migration grace time period expiration“, with a close third being “Remote Desktop Services crash after Microsoft update KB2667402“.

Top posts


2. Top search terms: Ignoring the first position, the real winner is the dark horse of search terms, related to the post “Remote Desktop Services crash after Microsoft update KB2667402“. This article has seen a huge spike when Microsoft released the mentioned update, which apparently caused mayhem to many admins.

Top Search terms

3. Page visits: This stat has been a real surprise to me. I have to admit a never imagined this kind of numbers that i started more less for my own purposes. Starting with first full month of March 2012 and 222 visits, ending with the latest full month of January with just over 6000 visits!

Page visits

4. Territory: This was one of my favorite stats at the beginning, watching all different parts of world to “green up”. There are still some “virgin” places left, but not many. No surprise are the countries with most visitors – United States, UK and Australia.

Visitors Territory Map

5. Browser: This stat is more less the image of who are visiting the blog – mostly (MS/Windows) admins looking for solutions. No surprise again that IE leads ahead of Chrome and the top three closing by Firefox.


6. Operating system: This stat is just a more obvious image of the statement from the previous stat. So no wonder Windows came in with an overwhelming win.

Operating system
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