SBS 2011 Migration Preparation tool – error in DNS

I recently came across an issue while running the SBS 2011 Migration preparation tool on the source server. Unfortunately haven’t take a note of the exact message, but the message was reporting a problem in the source server’s DNS saying the source server is missing from DNS.

The first time i experienced this problem after initial investigation all looked fine, the server was in DNS, etc. It took a while, before i came across this post on Microsoft Technet Forum. In one of the posts there was a link  to a post on The Official SBS Blog concerning this issue. At that time it was only a day or 2 old.

The second time i experienced the problem, forgot about the previous experience, but as soon as i stumbled upon the Technet Forum page, i remembered it.

This post is just a quick reminder so that i can find the solution to this issue quickly.


NOTE: I’m aware of the fact that the error message definition is not the exact wording of it, but as soon as i come across this again, i will update the post with further information.

UPDATE (11/4/2012): As expected, just came across the same issue again. This time i managed to take a screenshot of the message as well:

The fix was quick now. Just followed the steps from the link above and all was well again.


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