Email discovery with Exchange 2010

In march 2012 i posted an article about Copying incoming/outgoing emails on Exchange 2007/2010 to another mailbox. This article is a sort of follow up on the original article. Both articles bear the common theme of email discovery. In the original article this was achieved by copying all/selected incoming and outgoing emails to a selected mailbox. This mailbox than could … Continue reading

Mailbox moved from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 may be shown as Linked Mailbox

Every time i do another SBS 2003 to 2011 migration, i say to myself that there possibly can’t be anything that can surprise me. Boy i was wrong!!! Just recently a fairly standard migration, smooth sailing up to the point where i started migrating mailboxes. Most of them appeared to be normal, but i noticed some of the moved  mailboxes … Continue reading

How to limit Exchange 2010 memory usage

Came across sites recently where the information store process on an SBS 2011 box tends to take most of the available memory. In normal circumstances Exchange 2010 is designed to use as much memory as possible for performance optimization. As long as Exchnage 2010 is running on it’s own, there’s no problem with that. The issues can arise in SBS … Continue reading

How to import PST files to Exchange 2010

In the days of Exchange 2003 one of the tools used to import/export mailboxes was Microsoft’s Exmerge. With the more recent Exchange 2007/2010 Microsoft provided a powerful administration tool in the form of Exchange Management Shell. This can be easily used to import PST files to Exchange 2010 mailboxes. Before starting with the process itself the PST files have to … Continue reading