Configuring Synology Hyper Backup with Azure Archive Storage

I have been using Microsoft’s Windows Home Server (WHS) for many years, mostly as a local backup for my pictures, but also to run a backup offsite to Amazon AWS Glacier. As the support for Windows Server 2008 R2, on which WHS is based on, is almost at its end, i started to look for alternatives. All i really needed … Continue reading

Azure Automation rubook to update Site-to-Site VPN with dynamic local public IP address

While testing some Azure configurations, i though i would try to setup a site-to-site VPN from Azure to my home network. I’m running a mini PC with Sophos UTM v.9.6, with a home use license which enables all features, but is limited to 50 IP addresses, which has been sufficient so far. Sophos has a nice guide for setting up … Continue reading

Missing RulesKey values when loading the data warehouse database from Microsoft’s Data Migration Assistant

I have been recently working on preparing a migration readiness assessment for a customer’s on-prem SQL servers to Azure. As is often the case, Microsoft provides a variety of tools that help our day-to-day job. In this case, we were using the Database Migration Assistant (DMA). The tool itself does what it says on the can – assesses the SQL databases … Continue reading