Windows Server 2012 Failover Cluster network configuration powershell script

I have been trying to setup a lab configuration to test Failover cluster in Windows Server 2012 R2. In this process i was trying to follow the best practices available on various posts, while trying to achieve the minimum configuration to be able to test this and other features of Microsoft's latest server incarnation. →Read more

Microsoft System Center Advisor

Recently i have been made aware of a service that i believe to be very useful for any IT professional. It’s called Microsoft System Center Advisor. It seems to be part of Microsoft’s push of services to the cloud, including monitoring, and it’s product System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). Advisor is a cloud based system, […]? →Read more

Annoying Sticky-Key issue while using RDP from a LogMeIn Free session

This really annoying problem has been happening recently more and more. In case you haven’t came across this problem – lucky you i say. But i guess otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. Hard to tell which side is to blame, but this is not about pointing fingers. Long story short, you log […]? →Read more

How i virtualized my physical Windows Home Server 2011

The more i was working with Microsoft’s latest Windows Server incarnation, the more i was thinking about using the free Hyper-V Server 2012 to virtualize my Windows Home Server 2011. One of the main reason was the use of Storage Spaces, which was allegedly done by the same guy who did the Drive Extender in […]? →Read more