SBS 2011 Internet Explorer Maintenance missing from Group Policy Management

Came across another interesting behavior doing a SBS 2011 migration. By default the  User Group Policy sets the Internet Explorer home page to point to the Companyweb. Which is all and fine, we all got used to live with this “feature” and we all know how to disable it. Right?

Group Policy Management Editor - setting missing

Not quite. As it turns out, the Internet Explorer Maintenance item went missing from the Windows SBS User Policy. Yet the settings seems to be still there. If you run the results of the mentioned policy, the setting is listed.

Windows SBS 2011 Group Policy Management

Now, we have computers that stubbornly keep the IE home page changing to Companyweb, but we have no way of removing this setting. As it turns out, the culprit is Internet Explorer 10. In this latest incarnation of Microsoft’s browser this feature has been  removed.

There’s no fix as such, just a workaround – uninstalling Internet Explorer 10 this setting magicly re-appears in the Group Policy Editor.

Group Policy Management Editor - setting restored

Once you change/remove the  Home Page setting, you can re-install IE 10 if you wish so.

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